Violet’s Enchanted Forest Birthday Party

Violet’s Enchanted Forest Birthday Party

Violet has always loved unicorns, fairies, and magic. I decided to make her birthday party a little more grown-up this year (she is turning 5 after all!) Unfortunately I was a little rushed getting the supplies at the last minute or else I would have just ordered them online (which is SO much easier!) Here are some links to similar products so you can re-make this table top decor!

Faux greenery

Wood slices

I can’t believe my little Violet is turning 5!



My little fairies

Violet’s birthday is right before Halloween and the girls LOVE to dress up but she also doesn’t usually want a “Halloween-themed” birthday party. This was a good compromise. The girls wore some costumes they already had. I took a piece of the faux ivy and made Violet a little crown with some of the real flowers!

Pretty plates

Tea lights


I also bought fresh flower bouquets to put on the table and just used some vases I already had at home. (The flowers were super cheap from Aldi! One of my absolute favorite stores!)

I hope you can use some of these ideas for your next party! What are some of your favorite kid-party themes? Where do you like to shop?


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